Kim Smith’s “Nova Noir,” live at the Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge, April 2 — with special guest star, Karen Kohler!

Kim Smith, Photo by Larry Hamilton for Blue Photography

Kim Smith, Photo by Larry Hamilton for Blue Photography, 2014.

Kim Smith returns to The Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge, Wednesday, April 2nd with “Nova Noir.”

$10 advance online sale, or $15 at the door.
Doors open at 7pm, programme at 7:30.
Le Poisson Rouge — 158 Bleeker Street, NYC

Award-winning Australian cabaret performer, Kim Smith, charts a dark and whimsical path through a neo-Weimar pop-fantasia of genre-bending pop and peculiar period treasures with “Nova Noir.”  Mining his debut album, Nova, Smith gives his own electropop originals a decadent 1920′s treatment, while re-imagining works by Weimar-era composers, and modern-day artists alike, including: Friedrich Hollaender, Cher, Kurt Weill, the Supremes, Hanns Eisler, and myriad glittering others.

Karen Kohler

Master of the European Songbook, Karen Kohler.

Nova Noir comes to life at the hands of accordionist/music director Benjamin Ickies  (House of Yes, This Ambitious Orchestra), and his rogue band of marauding musicians, and features a special guest performance by cabaret legend, KAREN KOHLER!


Listen to our studio recording of “Padam” below, and click through to purchase $10 advance online sale tickets!

“Completely stellar…slyly subversive.”

Will Friedwald, The Wall Street Journal, New York City 

“He happily considers himself as a misfit, and goes about proving his point in several languages. There’s no one else around these days offering the kind of cabaret that he does so compellingly. Well, maybe Ute Lemper, but that’s it. Smith needs to be seen, and now.”

David Finkle, The Village Voice, New York City

Kim Smith Live at Café Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie, Oct. 31!

Kim Smith, Nova Album Cover 2013

Kim Smith, Nova Album Cover 2013

Come, celebrate Halloween in style at Café Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie!

October 31st sees my return to Café Sabarsky, where I’ll again chart a dark and whimsical path through disfigured pop and peculiar period treasures, conjuring the decadence and decay of 1920’s berlin.  Singing in French, German and English, pianist Steven Ray Watkins and I will perform reimagined works by Weimar-era composers and modern day artists alike, including Hans Eisler, Kurt Weill, Kylie Minogue, Cher, and Friedrich Hollaender, among numerous, glittering others.

“Completely stellar…slyly subversive.”

Will Friedwald, The Wall Street Journal, NYC

The performance is at 9pm, preceded by a prix-fixe dinner at 7 p.m. Combined cost is $110 (dinner $65, performance $45; purchased together).

To purchase tickets, please click here, or call +1 (212) 628-6200, ext. 485.

Neue Galerie New York is a museum devoted to early twentieth-century German and Austrian art and design, exploring the special relationship that existed then between the fine arts (of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka) and the decorative arts (created at the Wiener Werkstätte by such well-known figures as Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, and Adolf Loos). The Galerie is located at 1048 Fifth Avenue, NYC.

Listen below to Edith Piaf’s classic, “Padam” as transformed by myself and Benjamin Ickies, in our ’90′s trip-hop studio recording:

“(Smith) embodies all that is unique about this art form — it would be a challenge to look away from him. There isn’t an extraneous gesture, expression, word or note. He has chiseled away everything that is unimportant to get down to a precise core. This is cabaret at its best and most interesting!”

Arthur Frank, Cabaret Scenes Magazine, New York City

Kim Smith’s Halloween Single, ZOMBIEZ, Out Now!

Kim-Smith: Zombiez Remix EP Cover Art. Image by RAM Imagery, design by Liam Curry. 2013

Kim-Smith: Zombiez Remix EP Cover Art. Image by RAM Imagery, design by Liam Curry. 2013

My Halloween-themed Zombie-stomper is out now on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, worldwide!

Written by Crush Boys/Germany (Daniel Volpe and Thomas Lipp) with Charlie Mason, and produced by Mans Ek, Zombiez is taken from my debut pop album, NOVA, and is given new undead life with a stunning remix by Ricardo Autobahn (as featured in the video below).

“Kim sounds seductively magnificent amidst the swirling, hypnotic beeps and bleeps. He conjures to life the vivid, clever lyrics (well done Crush Boys & Charlie Mason), luring you into a new mesmerising state with meticulous spellbinding ease. It’s magnificent, and a study in how electro-pop can still have personality, wit and flair. So get your Monster Mash on with this aces ditty this Hallowe’en and let Kim Smith (the best Kim since Wilde and Sims) wow you with this song that Sharon Needles would kill for. Genius.”


Cover art is by Liam Curry, with photography by the incredible RAM Imagery, also responsible for the Jealous music video.

Listen, download, share and dance!

Kim Smith’s “Jealous” Music Video, and Remixes!

Thank you to The Advocate, The Huffington Post, Accidental Bear, and everyone who has shared our music video for “Jealous” this week!

Jealous was directed by photographer Mauricio A. Rodriguez (for RAM Imagery), and styled by Machine Dazzle, with clothes by Justin Farnham.

We have a new single in the works (!!), but in the meantime, check out the Jealous EP on iTunes for some fabulous remixes, and click here to download Nova, my debut album!

Kim Smith Twitter/Instagram: kimdavidsmith

Kim Smith’s Debut Album, NOVA, Out Now!

Early reviews are in for my debut pop album, Nova! Hailed as “percolating, synth driven, bouncy pop,” Nova is available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon, and is available to stream on Spotify. Don’t forget to download your free remixes of Jealous (a Kim Smith/Kylie Minogue mashup) and Never Ever via Soundcloud!

Kim Smith's debut pop album, Nova. Image by Mauricio A. Rodriguez, RAM IMAGERY. Design by Liam Curry. 2013

Kim Smith’s debut pop album, Nova. Image by Mauricio A. Rodriguez, RAM IMAGERY. Design by Liam Curry. 2013

Pulsating, throbbing electro-dance realness… “Radio” sounds like the long lost sibling of Madonna’s Holiday, and, as such, provides an effervescent introduction to the work of Mr Smith’s percolating, synth driven, bouncy pop.  The lyrics are full of dark thoughts and obsessive tendencies. While the listener is exploring the seedier side of disco, Mr. Smith brings the lyrics and music of the album into vivid focus, it’s musical collaborative alchemy at it’s finest — My Fizzy Pop

Pure art. — Taking Over The Universe

Staying true to his cabaret roots, he has easily injected a flair for the dramatic into every carefully placed lyric.  His delivery is classier than your standard recording artist and that sets him apart from so many other vocalists.  Between the production and his stylings, it’s easy to see how this pop album could create a genre all it’s own, one that I call “Cabaret-Synth”. — Pop Rinse Repeat

Boasting eleven electropop originals, Nova is produced by Måns Ek and written by a galaxy of international songwriters, including American lyricist Charlie Mason, Måns Ek, Dirty Dasmo, Crush Boys (Daniel Volpe and Thomas Lipp), Erik Gold, Dirk Homuth, Johan Emmoth, Erik Lidbom, Richard Hymas, Ricardo Autobahn, Anders Lystell, Linda Stenmark, Florian Buba and Neele Ternes.

Q Magazine Cover, Industry, and Opéra de Québec


Kim Smith: Q Magazine Cover, July 2013. Image by June Toyooka

I’m currently gracing the cover of Australia’s Q Magazine, with an accompanying interview discussing the creation of my debut pop album, Nova! Read the interview here, and check out the new images by photographer Alan Mercer from our recent session in LA.

Tonight (Wednesday, July 17), I’ll be singing “Shooting Star” (from Nova) in the Sherry Vine Show at NYC’s Industry nightclub!  Come along for Sherry’s signature xxx rated parodies, and my own summery pop concoctions, and stay for the libations and the handsome bar staff.

Kim Smith Industry

Kim Smith in the Sherry vine Show, Weds, July 17 at Industry NYC!

July also sees me back in rehearsals for Thomas Adès’ “Powder Her Face” for a brief run of performances in Québec City over August 1, 3, and 5 for Opéra de Québec! I’ll be reappearing in Jay Scheib’s wonderful production in the Corp of Lovers, while my husband, tenor Will Ferguson, reprises his role as The Electrician.  If you’re into naked men and opera, this is the show for you!

Lastly, visit the links below to download two free remixes of my songs “Jealous,” and “Never Ever!”

Happy summer (or winter)!

Never Ever: Chameleon Musique’s Glitter Ball Remix

Antipodean singer Kim Smith’s second single, Never Ever, gets a magical, disco makeover at the hands of Chameleon Musique. Listen below, and writhe in glittery ecstasy!

Written by Måns Ek (STIM), Crush Boys (Daniel Volpe and Thomas Lipp) (GEMA), and Charlie Mason (ASCAP). Produced by Mans Ek, mastered by Jonas Ekstrom.

Never Ever is available now through iTunes and Amazon!

Kim’s debut pop album, Nova, is one week away from release — below is a sneak peek at the stunning album artwork, by NYC photographer Mauricio A. Rodriguez, for RAM IMAGERY.

Kim Smith, Nova Album Cover 2013

Kim Smith, NOVA. Image by Mauricio A. Rodriguez, RAM IMAGERY, 2013. All Rights Reserved.