Kim Interviewed in the New York Times for Hunter Foster's "Cabaret"

I had a fantastic time chatting with Laura Collins-Hughes of the New York Times about my upcoming role in Hunter Foster's wonderful new production of "Cabaret" for the Cape Playhouse! Detailing my love for the piece, and my long-held fascination with both the source material and the devastating time period itself, the article also discussed my introduction to Marlene Dietrich's work as a teenager, and my delight over being allowed to ad-lib in a musical:

“The fact that there is absolutely zero fourth wall for him is completely my cup of tea,” he said, laughing as he imagined mingling with Cape Cod crowds. “I can’t wait to tell people how terrible their clothes look in the audience. In Dennis. In August! So much linen.”

Check out the full interview (which also covers the summer exploits of Annie Golden, and a helicopter!), HERE

The Emcee is a dream role for me, and I'm extremely excited to open "Cabaret" at the Cape Playhouse on Tuesday, August 9! For tickets and enquiries, please visit

My own musical exploration of the Weimar period, and all its glitter and doom, Morphium Kabarett, continues its 2016 residency at New York City's Pangea September 22 and 29, and October 6 and 24, all at 7PM!