Broadway World Cabaret Awards, and Mark Beard at ClampArt, NYC

I'm delighted to be nominated for a 2016 Broadway World Cabaret Award in the Alt-Cabaret category, alongside some dear friends and glittering contemporaries! The nomination is a fantastic way to celebrate Morphium Kabarett's six-month run at Pangea here in New York City, and I would be further elated if you, dear reader, would take a moment to please vote for me, in the afore-mentioned category, by clicking the button below, and following the steps at

Vote for Kim and Morphium Kabarett in the Broadway World Cabaret Awards!

I'm also excited to be a small part of Mark Beard's fantastic "Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938): Parlor, Gymnasium & Field," which opens December 1 at ClampArt (247 West 29th Street) through to January 28. Below is one of my favorite of Mark's works from his alter-ego Bruce Sargeant, featuring yours truly, playing cards with his messmates. Please come visit Mark's show, and experience the work of an extremely talented artist in his prime.