Kim Smith's Debut Album, NOVA, Out Now!

Early reviews are in for my debut pop album, Nova! Hailed as "percolating, synth driven, bouncy pop," Nova is available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon, and is available to stream on Spotify. Don't forget to download your free remixes of Jealous (a Kim Smith/Kylie Minogue mashup) and Never Ever via Soundcloud! Kim Smith's debut pop album, Nova. Image by Mauricio A. Rodriguez, RAM IMAGERY. Design by Liam Curry. 2013

Pulsating, throbbing electro-dance realness... “Radio” sounds like the long lost sibling of Madonna's Holiday, and, as such, provides an effervescent introduction to the work of Mr Smith's percolating, synth driven, bouncy pop.  The lyrics are full of dark thoughts and obsessive tendencies. While the listener is exploring the seedier side of disco, Mr. Smith brings the lyrics and music of the album into vivid focus, it's musical collaborative alchemy at it's finest -- My Fizzy Pop

Pure art. -- Taking Over The Universe

Staying true to his cabaret roots, he has easily injected a flair for the dramatic into every carefully placed lyric.  His delivery is classier than your standard recording artist and that sets him apart from so many other vocalists.  Between the production and his stylings, it's easy to see how this pop album could create a genre all it's own, one that I call "Cabaret-Synth". -- Pop Rinse Repeat

Boasting eleven electropop originals, Nova is produced by Måns Ek and written by a galaxy of international songwriters, including American lyricist Charlie Mason, Måns Ek, Dirty Dasmo, Crush Boys (Daniel Volpe and Thomas Lipp), Erik Gold, Dirk Homuth, Johan Emmoth, Erik Lidbom, Richard Hymas, Ricardo Autobahn, Anders Lystell, Linda Stenmark, Florian Buba and Neele Ternes.